Ener-G White Rice Flour Cressonniere


Prep time30 minutes
CategoryAppetizers & Side Dishes
Free Ofgluten wheat yeast soy nut




2eaCelery stalks (with Leaves)
2stickLeeks (large)
2eaPotatoes (large , peeled and diced )
1 1⁄2quartChicken Stock
2tbspbutter or margarine
2tbspEner-G White Rice Flour
4eaEgg Yolks
3⁄4cupLight Cream or Half & Half
 ozSeasoning (to Taste)


Cut the leaves from the celery and chop them. Reserve one cup of the chopped leaves. Split the leeks and wash thoroughly. Discard the tough green leek leaves. Chop the leeks. Combine the chopped celery leaves, chopped leeks, peeled and diced potatoes and chicken stock and boil until tender. Allow cooling to room temperature. Whirl in blender at high speed for two minutes. Return to pot and reheat. Mix butter and Ener-G White Rice Flour together and add to the soup. Stir and heat until thickened. Beat egg yolks and cream together and beat into the soup. Season and pour into a heated soup tureen. Garnish with the reserved celery leaves.

This recipe will not work with Ener-G Egg Replacer.